“Crazy Maps, Unusual Maps, Not-Quite-Right Maps”

Check out Woody Brown’s Review of Where the North Sea Touches Alabama.  The article includes an interview with Allen Shelton in ArtVoice.

Shelton-map-new-223x300“When I finally managed to get my hands on Where the North Sea Touches Alabama, the second novel (though I am hesitant to call it that) by Allen Shelton, an associate professor of sociology at the SUNY Buffalo State, the first thing I noticed was the familiar script that adorns the cover.  I recognized it as Allen’s own, which I had seen many times covering from edge to edge the large sheets of graph paper on which Allen composes, often at a table in Caffè Aroma facing the door.  On the title page, Allen had inscribed my copy with a sort of demented compass rose: arrows labeled W and S both point left, a jagged line marked N points right, and E is straight down…”

Check out the rest of the article here – “Crazy Maps, Unusual Maps, Not-Quite-Right Maps”


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